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We provide aerial filming for television, film, entertainment, real estate, sporting and live events. In addition the company can provide full production support which includes an award winning team that specializes in editing and content creation.


Natural Disaster

Using the latest drone technology, Pigeon Vision can provide a fast way to gather information by providing a drone that can be deployed by teams that are searching a specific area. Equipped with high definition cameras and radars, Drones provide rescuers access to a higher field of view without the need for wasting resources on manned helicopters.


Search and Rescue

With thermal sensors, drones can quickly discover the location of lost persons and are particularly useful at night or in challenging terrain. Besides locating victims, a Drone could potentially be used to “drop in supplies” to an otherwise unreachable location.


Geographic Mapping

Drones can reach difficult-to-access locations like eroded coastline or mountaintops and acquire very high-resolution data to create 3D maps.


Safety & Security

Drones for law enforcement can be used for identifying suspects, finding missing persons, searching for evidence, traffic
investigations. In addition private estate security using drones equipped with cameras, loudspeakers and blinding lights are also options that are a high tech alternative to live security personnel.


Wildlife Monitoring

The presence of drones has proven to serve as a deterrent to illegal loggers and animal poachers as well as monitoring wildlife. The drones provide advantages which include the ability to approach closely without spooking wildlife, the ability to operate at night, and with thermal camera sensors, drones provide unprecedented ability to track.


Safety Inspections

Aerial photography gives the ability to quickly model from above in 3D with increasing precision will provides an important way to check on projects. The ability to sense in three dimensions, take thermal readings, and to detect metal strain will greatly improve infrastructure inspection. Small Drones that can hover and get close will provide a new level of detail to improve performance.



Drones can provide a cost effective and efficient way to monitor large areas of land giving farmers the ability to quickly identify crop health.Infrared sensors can be tuned to detect crop health which can help in deciding the usage of fertilizer or insecticide.

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